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We rotate over 150 flavors in our dipping cabinet; there are always 32 flavors available. Although we can not guarantee any one flavor at any given time, you can keep up to date on the flavors currently in our cabinet via our website and Twitter. You can also sign up for our automated emails below to notify you when your flavor is in. Sign up Today!

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  • Non-DairyNon-dairy coconut based flavors.
    We have 1 to 2 non-dairy flavors available at a time.
  • Sorbets

Our ice cream contains dairy, eggs, sugar and sometimes tree nuts, peanuts, and wheat products. Our coconut-based and sorbet flavors are non-dairy and do contain sugar. Some of our flavors contain a small percentage of alcohol. Please ask your server for any specific dietary or allergy information you need for specific flavors.

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